Personal Accident Insurance

Α combination of insurance coverages

Accidents can happen at any time, anywhere. Worldwide it is estimated that road accidents are the third cause of death after heart disease and cancer, while risks and accidents can occur even during the blandest of our daily activities.

For protection against the unpleasant consequences of an accident Mega Brokers provides an optimal combination of coverages in a personal accident insurance plan, having considered the degree of protection granted and the amount one wishes to spend.

Some of the offered coverage packages are:

  • Loss of life due to accident
  • Permanent, total or partial disability due to accident
  • Temporary disability due to accident
  • Outpatient care

Personal Accident Cover for Special Categories

In Mega Brokers we design accident insurance packages, focusing on specific risks from particular groups or hobbies.

Examples are:

  • Uniformed Protection (lifetime)
  • Farmers Protection
  • Hunters Protection (lifetime)
  • Amateur and Professional Athletes Protection
  • Paratroopers Protection
  • Divers Protection


Γρηγόριος Κουδούνης

Γρηγόριος Κουδούνης

Head of Group Life and Health |
John Pappas

John Pappas

Manager – Life Department